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Customer reviews


Amazon Customer

on October 16, 2021

Well made, good value

” We’ve tried ordering from a lot of mask companies and these are my favorite. Soft, well constructed, ear straps are easy on the ears, and good face coverage. Lots of choices for color and pattern. And they’re made here in the U.S.. Good product all around- “


Amazon Customer

on October 16, 2021

” We ordered cheaper masks that had a really bad chemical odor to them. I found this company on Amazon. They cost a little more, but noticeably good quality, softer and well made. And they’re made in America, appreciate the opportunity to support this company. “



on October 23, 2021

NO1 choice for mask

” Due to work, i need to replace mask everyday. The mask, so far, is the most comfortable and breathable mask product for me. Its quality is completely different from those i bought from other places.
Definitely, will keep purchasing it!!!! We love it! “



on October 16, 2021


” Get it so quick and good quality. Free gift is so cute😍  “



on October 22, 2021

Super light and soft

” I was looking for quality black disposable masks for over a year before finally settling on these. These masks are incredibly light and breathing is easy. The fit is stylish and there isn’t an ugly, pointless gap on the sides.

My one complaint is the strap can pop off the mask sometimes. It’s only happened on three masks out of a full box so I’m chalking it up to my needing a haircut and constantly pushing my hair behind my ears.

These masks are the perfect black disposables. And they’re made in the USA! “


Wen-Chi Yeh

on October 21, 2021

Nice mask!

” Great masks! It is comfortable to wear and the material feels so soft. I just received it yesterday and tried it on to work today. After wearing it all day, my face and my ears still feel very well. Sometimes masks indent your face, and hurt your ears. But this product is so great without any of these problems! Highly recommend! Also, I’m tired with the normal green masks, and I’m so obsessed with the black one, great color! “

About Wintech Medipro

At Wintech Medipro, our mission is to create the safest and most comfortable surgical face masks for you. Our products are FDA certified, have undergone rigorous analysis in accredited medical testing laboratories and are built with our customers continuously in mind. We know you are front line workers, you are patients, and you are our community. We are committed to making you the safest and highest quality product possible. Our products are proudly made in Katy, Texas, USA.