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At Wintech Medipro, our mission is to create the safest and most comfortable surgical & medical face masks for you. Our products are FDA certified, have undergone rigorous analysis in accredited medical testing laboratories and are built with our customers continuously in mind. We know you are front line workers, you are patients, and you are our community. We are committed to making you the safest and highest quality product possible. Our products are proudly made in Katy, Texas, USA.

FDA Certification

FDA Certification

CERTIFICATE OF FDA REGISTRATION Owner/Operator Number: 10078029 Registration Number: 3017492969

Why Choose Us?

Certified by the US Federal Food & Drug Administration

Independently certified to exceed the international ASTM performance level standards for F2100 medical face masks

Wearing this product significantly reduces the risk of respiratory illnesses (i.e. influenza, COVID-19)

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